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Home Farm Day Nursery, Bromsgrove Home Farm Day Nursery

At Home Farm we strive to.....

Provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment in which children can build meaningful relationships with both adults and children.

Encourage children to develop a positive self image, in which they see themselves in relationships with others, helping them to function with confidence.

Promote and reward positive behaviour by delivering a consistent approach to behaviour management.

Plan for children’s individual development, enriched in positive and rewarding experiences.

Provide a learning environment that is non-discriminatory and is proactive in delivering equality and diversity.

Assess, record and evaluate each child’s progress to ensure that every individual is challenged and supported to achieve their full potential.

Establish positive working relationships with parents/carers ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery and encourage parents/carers to be involved in their child’s development.

Liaise with and encourage good working relationships with outside agencies, drawing on their knowledge and support in their specialised areas.

Acknowledge and meet the needs of all our staff’s professional development.