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The nursery needs to be notified who has parental responsibility of the child. This is the person(s) who have the legal responsibility for the welfare of the child. The law states that after December 2003, the child’s father has to be either married to the mother at time of conception or after, or have their name on the child’s birth certificate and have been there for the registration of the child to gain parental responsibility. If the father was none of the above prior to this date, then they do not have parental responsibility for the child unless by court order or formal agreement with the mother. All mothers automatically have parental responsibility.

Any person with parental responsibility has the legal right to remove their child from the nursery without the consent of a second person with parental responsibility. If either parent is no longer an authorised person to collect, they must provide evidence that they do have parental responsibility by way of the birth certificate or court order and identification to prove this.

The nursery must be notified if a parent is going to be delayed collecting their child. We cannot guarantee being able to accommodate such requests. If the request can be accommodated additional time used will be charged at the hourly rate. If a parent is persistently early/late, compromising nursery ratios, incidences will be monitored and recorded and will result in £5 being charged for every 15 mins outside those booked.