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We follow ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage,’ a comprehensive statutory framework that sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five.

In each room planned learning opportunities are displayed for parents to view.  This tells you the activities your child will be participating in.  Activities in the nursery are planned around the areas of learning, the children’s ability and their needs, enabling a broad range of skills to be acquired including physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

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At Home Farm we recognise the importance of play and the key role it has in shaping each child’s development. To promote this we encourage all the children to have an active role in choosing which toys are set out within the rooms.

Ongoing observations of children participating in everyday activities is the most reliable way of building up an accurate picture of what children know, understand, feel, are interested in and can do. Observations are made when children are involved in child initiated, adult initiated and adult led activities.

By observing the children we can plan their next steps and guarantee that each experience is tailored to the individual child. The observations are placed in a learning journey which shows how each child is progressing. This will be sent home at the end of their nursery experience as a diary of their time here for you to enjoy.

Parent open evenings will be arranged twice a year to view and discuss learning journeys and pathway profiles with your child’s key person.

Home Farm recognises the importance of positive and effective behaviour management strategies in promoting children’s welfare, learning and enjoyment.