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Home Farm works with 5 aday Catering to promote ‘healthy eating’.  We offer your children a freshly cooked healthy, balanced and nutritious meal on a 3 week menu rotation (see nursery website and parent board for menu). 5 aday Catering can cater for dietary requirements, allergies or food intolerance.  

There is an additional daily charge of £2.50 for lunch.

Whilst your child is in Ducklings you may supply your own food which can be re heated.  Alternatively we offer a weaning version of the 5 aday Catering menu.

If you would prefer your child not to have a hot meal, you may provide a cold packed lunch. In this instance we encourage parents to provide their child with a healthy nutritious and well balanced diet. Please take into account what you send into nursery as we will not serve high risk foods such as rice, shell fish, products containing nuts or fish/chicken with bones. We request that all food must be transported  to nursery in a suitable lunch box/cool bag containing an ice pack. Please ensure that you clearly name all food and store in the dedicated  fridge located in the staff kitchen upon arrival.

Nursery will supply your child with a mid morning and afternoon snack.

Click here to view the 3 week menu rotation.


 allergen information please contact the nursery office.