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The safety of the children attending Home Farm is of paramount importance to us whilst also creating a home from home environment. In order to maintain the safety of every child, we will ensure that the following precautions are carried out effectively:

Access to the nursery is controlled by intercom at the main front door. The nursery office (which is sited by the front door) is responsible for operating the door intercom.

If your child is being dropped off or collected from nursery by someone other than yourself they will be required to provide a password (chosen by parents and recorded on registration forms) prior to being allowed onto the premises.

Visitors to the nursery will be asked for identification. For child protection purposes, only staff will open the door. All visitors must sign in and out when visiting the premises.

Before staff commence work at Home Farm a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is carried out.

Children attending the nursery will be recorded on the register when they arrive and marked off when they leave.

The nursery garden play area is securely fenced and is always supervised by the appropriate ratio of staff.

Risk assessments are conducted and recorded for any equipment or activities that carry an element of risk for the children. Steps are taken, through this procedure, to minimise those risks.

Staff are trained in fire evacuation and fire drills are held regularly to familiarise the children with the evacuation procedure.